I have tried everything in my life to get rid of obesity but nothing had worked beyond a few Kgs and lost weight would come again very quickly. I thank God and my Surgeon who have given me a new life. I had diabetes and high BP for over 10 years, swelling in my feet, breathing problem, joint pains, backache, loud snoaring etc. I can’t believe everything is gone with just one surgery

Mrs Varinder Kaur

I thank my surgeon who has brought me to this point in life where my life is worth living again. After Bariatric Surgery, everyone says I look better, my back-ache is much better, I am able to do my kitchen work for hours, my diabetes and high BP are gone.

Mrs Balwinder Kaur (USA)

I am a teacher & would say that as a student needs a right teacher to get proper education, similarly an obese person needs a right surgeon…..Now you know who is that surgeon. This doctor goes an extra-mile in taking care of his patients.

Mrs Jaswant Kaur

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