It was a great experience to undergo Bariatric Surgery from Dr. Jasmeet. He has a very sound knowledge of his subject and does what is right for his patients. I am losing weight as expected without any problem. I also feel more energetic day by day.

Mrs. Harwinder (USA)USA

I consider myself lucky to have found out Dr. Ahluwalia for my Bariatric Surgery at Jalandhar, Punjab, India. After my surgery, I have sent many of my friends to him for the same job as I know he will do what is best for a given patient. He does all kinds of Bariatric Surgeries and not just one. Good Luck Guys n Gals…

Mrs. Toor from CanadaCanada

I suffered from obesity, high BP and excess acidity in my stomach for many years. I would always feel as if my stomach is very heavy. After Bariatric surgery, I have lost all my excess weight and also, my BP is normal now without any medicine. Acidity problem is also gone. God bless.

Mr. Bindra from ChandigarhChandigarh

I was suffering from Diabetes and high blood pressure. I came to see Dr. Ahluwalia for surgery of my hernia near belly button, but I was told that I can get Bariatric Surgery done along with hernia repair to get rid of my obesity as well as other related diseases. To my surprise, now not only I am losing weight, my diabetes and high BP are already a thing of past. I am highly thankful for doctor’s timely advice which has changed my life.

Mr. Ruldu RamJalandhar

I came all the way from Italy to undergo weight-loss surgery from Dr. Jasmeet Ahluwalia as one of my cousin (who also lives abroad) had previously undergone surgery from him and has lost over 50 Kgs weight without any problem. My experience has been (as expected) very good with him and his team. He explains everything in great detail and doesn’t force surgery on you. Rather he gives you enough information and time to think and take your own decision. If you undergo this surgery with a clear mind, outcome will be great. I highly recommend him. Thanks

Mrs. I. Kaur (Italy)

I live in Australia and I visited India for a short time to see Dr. Ahluwalia and immediately underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery for weight loss. Its been over a year now and I have lost almost all of my excess weight and I feel much better now. I have regained my lost confidence. My ability to work has become much more and I don’t feel easily tired now. My respiratory problem has been resolved as well. I am so thankful to Dr. Ahluwalia and his team for RESHAPING MY LIFE…… I would highly recommend him.

Mr. Jagmohan (Australia)

I underwent Bariatric Surgery from Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia over a year ago and now I can undoubtedly say that he is the best doctor for such surgeries in this region! I am living a new and a very happy life now. My age was over 65 years at that time and I was very scared to undergo weight loss surgery. But I attended counselling sessions and support-group meetings organised by him which convinced me that this is the right place to undergo surgery. I feel no hesitation today to recommend this doctor and this surgery to anyone…..!

Mr. Laxmi Kant

I underwent Bariatric Surgery from Dr. Jasmeet S. Ahluwalia last week. The reason for me to choose him was simple – my sister had undergone similar surgery from him 3 years back and is doing perfectly well. The care before, during and after surgery by the doctor and hospital is great, they really become your family members with time. If you are still thinking about surgery – GO AHEAD and if you are still thinking about which center to chose – YOU KNOW NOW !

Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur (Patiala)Patiala

I was weighing about 135kg when i realized my weight is not getting out of my control and no matter what i do this is not going down. After many failed attempts of weight loss i met Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia who described about Bariatric Surgery in great detail and i immediately understood that this is the only answer to my problem and he is going to be my surgeon!
I underwent surgery after necessary tests and there has been no looking back. I have been losing weight since then and becoming more active in my work as well. Its been about 10 months and my present weight is about 90kg. I am still losing weight and hope to touch 80kg soon!
God bless Bariatric Surgery and God bless Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia – They have changed my life beyond my dreams!

Mr. Lovely

Its been just a week after surgery and i feel so much better. There is no pain, i can climb stairs and walk even better than before surgery. My diabetes and high blood pressure is gone and i am not even taking any medicine for them. My message for those who are still making their mind about surgery is that life is worth living only if you are healthy. So get rid of obesity and its associated diseases with this surgery and live a healthier life….

Mr. Satpal

Disclaimer : – Results may vary from person to person


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