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Laparoscopic Colon | Rectum Surgery

Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

laparoscopic-colectomy-1 laparoscopic-colectomy-2 Removal of colon is indicated in various conditions like:
  1. Cancer of large intestine
  2. Diverticulitis
  3. Tuberculosis etc.
Laparoscopy has many advantages over open surgeries:
  1. Smaller cuts / incisions
  2. Lesser pain
  3. Earlier recovery
  4. Earlier discharge from hospital
  5. Earlier return to work
  6. Lesser post-operative adhesions
  7. Lesser wound complications like infections, hernia etc.
  8. Many more ......


laparoscopic-colectomy-3 Rectal Prolapse can be treated successfully with laparoscopic rectopexy by mobilizing and fixing rectum with the sacrum.       Advantages:
  1. Small incision.
  2. Less painful.
  3. Quiker recovery.
  4. Early return to work.

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