Diet Chart – Bariatric Surgery

Diet chart for people with BMI between 25 to 30. For BMI > 30, this usually doesn’t work

Must Read These Notes Before Following Diet Chart:

  1. This diet-chart is intended for average built people with average daily calorie consumption (not too high or low).
  2. Pregnant / lactating ladies, children, people with any kind of disease, elderly, people with too high or low daily energy requirement must consult their doctor regarding diet-plans and must not follow this chart blindly.
  3. Diet chart must be strictly followed and eat only what is mentioned in it, don’t eat anything outside your diet chart.
  4. This is a little liberal diet-chart as very strict (with very little food or odd food) dieting is difficult to follow and after some time it becomes impossible to continue it.
  5. This diet chart can be followed for long and will help you build healthier eating habits.
  6. In-case you experience any difficulty, consult your doctor.
  7. Chapati should always be without oil/ghee.
  8. Fruits to be avoided: Mango, banana, grapes, cheeku.
  9. Increase intake of protein (nutri, paneer, milk, tofu, egg),decrease intake of fats (ghee, oil, dalda, fried foods), carbohydrates (rice, sugar, honey, gur, sweets).
  10. Use whole grains, cereals and pulses.
  11. Take regular physical exercise like walking in morning and evening. Avoid exercise immediately after meals.
  12. Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water in a day.
  13. Divide your whole day food in 5 to 6 small meals rather than taking 2-3 heavy meals.
  14. Prefer baking, boiling, roasting and steaming instead of frying foods.
  15. Avoid extra snacks and foods in between meals instead take salad, lemon water, clear soup etc.
  16. Total oil per day 3-4 tea spoon.
  17. Try to use non-stick cookware to decrease oil consumption.
  18. Total skimmed/toned milk consumption per day 500 ml -750 ml.
  19. Total salt consumption per day 5 gm salt for normal /2 gm salt for high blood pressure.
  • FREE FOODSNimbu pani (Without Sugar), Clear Soup (without oil/cream), Green leafy vegetables, Kheera , Kakri, Raddish,  Khatti lassi.

    Foods to be avoided

  • Alcohol.
  • Aerated Drinks( Coke ,Pepsi, fanta etc)Fruit Juices.
  • Excess Fried foods Like Pooris, Paranthas, Pakoras, Samosas.
  • James, Fruits preserves with sugar.
  • Mango, Cheeku, Banana, Grapes, Custard Apple.
  • Excess Cream, Processed cheese, butter, Oil.
  • Excess of rice and rice products.
  • Potato, Arbi, Sweet Potato, Jimikand.

Composition of Missi Roti

Wheat Atta                  :           2 parts

Black Gram Atta         :           1 Part

Barley Atta                  :           1 Part

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