Seminars on Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia, Bariatric Surgeon at Lajwanti Hospital (Jalandhar Punjab ) conducted a symposium on “Evidence-Based Weight Loss”. All aspects of weight loss treatment were discussed by various experts in this field. It was agreed upon that all modalities of treatment like diet plans by dieticians, physiotherapy by expert physiotherapists, training by gym trainers and Bariatric Surgery have their own role in weight loss. Patients should be screened before starting a weight loss program and best-suited modality should be started for them. When everyone works together, patients will get best results.

Dr. Suman gave a presentation on “Role of Diet in Weight Management”. Various types of diets and their comparison to each other were discussed. Dr. Mandeep gave a presentation on “Role of Physiotherapy in Weight Management”. Later Dr. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia gave a detailed presentation on “Role of Bariatric Surgery in Weight Loss”

He also stressed that if morbidly obese patients undergo Bariatric Surgery (weight-loss surgery) on time, they can add 10 to 15 years to their life span. This surgery not only cures obesity but also lot of obesity-related diseases like diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, joint pains, breathing problems, swelling in feet etc are also resolved.

Dr. Ahluwalia also mentioned that now Type 2 Diabetes patients have a hope in the form of Metabolic Surgery. Suitable patients are offered these surgeries to remit their disease.

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