Single Incision Surgery








Laparoscopic Sugery is the order of the day for most abdominal surgeries now and involve very small holes on abd   omen instead of big cuts of old days.But we may need to create 4 to 6 holes (though most are just 5mm in length) and cosmetic results may be difficult to accept for some subset of patients like young females. These become less obvious over time but as healing process varies between individuals.

To overcome this problem a new concept of Single Incision Surgery has come which is known by many different names and we call it: “Zero Mark Surgery“.

A single incision is given at umbilicus (naval) and all instruments are inserted through it to complete the surgery. The surgery is done in a similar way as would have been done in routine laparoscopy but the incision is single. The incision gets hidden in the umbilicus and may not be visible later.

Advantages of Zero Mark Surgery –


  • Single incision at umbilicus makes it almost scarless surgery.
  • May lead to less pain and less pain killers.
  • May lead to earlier discharge from hospital.

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